The Table is for guide purposes only, course durations are minimum's as set out by the AITT, some candidates may require more time depending on ability.

The table sets out prices and course durations for many of the most popular types of flt eg. counterbalance, Reach and pivot steer ect.

Some training course may require more or less time and candidate numbers can increase to 4 on certain types of MHE eg. MEWP's.

please contact us to get an exact price and expected times of course durations based on your specific requirements. 

Price's include all candidates upload fee's to the AITT's acorns register and certificate's on successful completion of the course.

(Optional) An additional £5 per candidate is required for those who wish to obtain operator photo cards 


Novice courses are designed for candidates who have little or no experience of operating any type MHE.

Experienced courses are designed for candidates who have either had no official training and are experienced in MHE operations or where it has been a long period of time since they had refresher or basic training.

Conversion courses are designed for candidates who have previously received basic training on a particular type of MHE and wish to convert to another similar types of MHE, eg. Counterbalance to reach ect. 

Refresher courses are designed for those who have had basic or refresher training in resent past, refresher training is recommended every three to five years