Hello I am John, I started the company after working in warehousing and manufacturing for over 15 years. Throughout my career I have always had a keen eye for safety and since I can remember I have always been someone who wants to help others. That's why I decided to bring the two together and become a forklift instructor.
From an early age I was diagnosed with dyslexia and this meant I struggled to keep up at school with many of my peers, which in turn knocked my confidence in later life. However through it all I have always had a strong work ethic and although I sometimes find academic learning difficult I haven't let it stop me from achieving my goals in life, if anything I believe this has taught me to be empathic to others and passionate about helping others regardless of their abilities.

Although all MHE training has some theoretical elements to it I believe people learn best in practical situations, so this is how I prefer to structure my training. I always try my best to make all candidates feel at ease with all aspects and make learning fun at the same time.